New in Blogging

Hi, this is my first post and today I am just going to share why I started blogging. You see I always wanted to write stories as a kid but I sucked at that. Later when I grew older I wanted to write novels but hey, come on I suck at writing stories how can I even imagine of writing a big fat novel. I did had great ideas in my mind though (those ideas are in my mind and me being the critic of my thoughts say those were great ideas so no judging πŸ˜› )

Custom Image_1429108983504

But however, due to lack of patience I was unable to write anything long. Just then a thought came to my mind- I do love writing its just that don’t like to write anything long so I created my blog. It is a best place for people like me as we can write about anything out here. πŸ™‚

In my blog you will find articles on versatile topics over here like recipes, how to make *blank blank*, tips, random articles, etc,etc. You can suggest me any topic on which you wanna hear out from me, just leave a comment below. Hope you like my blog πŸ™‚

P.S- My b.f suggested to add a poem to my post and i liked the idea so even though its completely unrelated I am adding a short poem which is copied btw. Here it goes-

Life has many ups and downs

Loving smiles and also frowns

Good events and some are bad

Happy emotions and others are mad

It can be a bumpy ride

How you handle it you decide. Β #copied


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