How My Diet Works

Last thursday I was getting ready for my class, usually I run behind my schedule and thus don’t get the opportunity to get ready in-front of the mirror. I have to do multi-tasking and hardly get time for makeup and that’s why I end up looking like a zombie.

Snapshot 2

But however, last thursday I was gifted the luxury of of time as I running ahead of time somehow, so I decided that for a change lets get ready like a normal girl of my age gets ready i.e spending as much time as possible infront of the mirror. While doing so what I noticed is that I have gained weight, I could see tiny tyres of fats hanging in my waist. After spiders the next thing I am scared of is gaining too much weight (yes, I am scared of spiders they are soo creepy, the thought of it gives me goosebumps 😮 ). Seeing that I immediately decided to control my diet and made a mental routine for myself which I should follow to help me loose weight and stay fit. However, what I imagined of doing and what I actually did was quite different.

Here goes my imagined schedule and what happened in reality-

I imagined of getting up at 6:30 am sharp , but what happened is my alarmed rang at 6:30 am I kept snoozing and at the end it stopped ringing. I was woken up when my mother started shouting at me i.e at 7:10 am. 😛


I had planned that I would do exercise for 1 hr but since i woke up at 7:10 am I had only 20 minutes in my hand. So I brushed for 5 minutes and than drank some tea thus having 10 minutes in my hand for doing exercise I did skipping though but I was soo tired that i fell asleep again :D. this time i was awakened by a tight slap from my mom 😦 :P.

As usual I was again running late but however I was happy that at-least I did skipping *yayyyy!!!!!* I even thought of avoiding junk food completely but hey who am I kidding I can’t do that its impossible for me.

Anyways very soon I will upload a post on some easy tips how you can loose weight easily. Do comment on my post and follow me if you like my post. 🙂


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