DIY – How To Make A Lampshade From Scratch

Hey!!! Today I am going to help you make a lamp shade from scratch.There are many different ways you can make a lamp shape from scratch, today I am just going to show you one of such methods.
I made the lamp shade long before so I am attaching as many follow up pictures as possible.
Things you will be requiring for this DIY are-
Wooden frame
A6 size paper

At first you will hae to make a frame for your lampshade with the help of a carpenter. you can make it of any shape you like, for eg. square, rectangke, etc. I made it in a cylindrical shape


(sorry didn’t have an image of the frame :()

Then you need to cut a piece of fabric of the size and length required to cover the frame. Cut a bit bigger than the size of the frame that will help in sticking the cloth. Now draw an image on the cloth to design the lampshade. I made an shadow image of a footballer. For that you need to paint the image with black fabric paint (which I forgot to do and thus some parts look empty). The next step would be to sew black buttons completely covering the shadow. Sew white buttons on the remaining part of the cloth, you can completely cover it with white buttons or you can do what I did. Then stick the A6 size paper around the frame first so that when you stick the fabric it maintains its shape. Then stick the fabric tightly over the paper and the inside of  the rings of the cylinder. Do not cover the top and bottom part of the cylinder, you require one side to insert the bulb and the other side will help in keeping the lampshade cool.


This is how it looks when lit-



Had I painted the image with black fabric paint first it would have been perfect. It makes a cute and personal gift or you can even use it to decorate your room Hope you enjoyed, follow my blog for more DIYs 🙂


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