10 UNIQUE GIFT IDEAS for your boyfriend

Buying a gift for a guy is very difficult. Unlike girls there are very less options available when buying a gift for a guy, and when it comes to your boyfriend you always want to buy something unique. Here are some cool gift Ideas which you can give to your boyfriend.


1. Dart Board

Dart Board is a cool thing to gift your boyfriend. Any guy would love to own one plus its actually quiet cheap.There are different varieties of dart boards you can get portable one made of fabric and magnetic darts or wooden ones.


2. Table Top Basket Ball 

It may sound kiddish to some girls out there but boys actually love this. It is easily available online and its a fun thing for time pass. With a bunch of guys together and lots of beer and pizzas who needs something else for entertainment right? 😛  🙂


3. Speakers

A nice pair of speakers make a good gift for your boyfriend. A guy who is specially into their laptops and computers. You can just order it online and make your guy happy.


4. Headphones

If your boyfriend is a music lover than a good pair of headphones will groove his day. Now a days they are available in different designs and colours, give him a cool funky pair of headphones.


5. Make Something

You can also give him some personalized gifts like you can make a C.D of your favourite pictures and add your favourite songs on the background, you can also give him a scrapbook of the pictures of you two and write the beautiful memories of you two, or you can make some other things like lampshades like I have taught in my previous DIY post https://silviasimagination.wordpress.com/2015/04/17/diy-how-to-make-a-lampshade-from-scratch/


6. Concert Tickets

If you are lucky enough to have been able to buy tickets to his favourite concert than yay!!! and if you are even more lucky to have been able get them during his b’day than he will never let you go. 😀 That would be the best gift for your boyfriend. ❤


7. Video Games.

If your guy is into gaming than nothing can be more perfect than a video game. Buy him the latest video game and tada 😛 he is all yours.

vid gam

8. iPod / MP3

If your guys go to the gym or loves to listen music  then an iPod would make a good gift. If you are a little out of cash right now an iPod is costly for you can even give him a mp3 player.


9. Dinner Date

Make plans for a nice candle light dinner. You can also take him to a couples spa and both of you can enjoy and relax.


10. Intimate Time

The best gift is actually the most cheap and very fun one. You can lock yourselves in the bedroom and try out some crazy and fun stuffs in it. You can strip for him and try out stuffs he likes to do with you. 😉

do not d


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